Visual Multiple Intelligence People Must See and Create Art
(or at least doodle)

Children with the visual multiple intelligence observe more details in a room than most people. The most successful athletes “see” themselves making the basket, hitting the ball, and crossing the finish line.

A visual child can easily imagine something like characters' actions in a book, which greatly improve their reading comprehension. 

Also known as spatial learners, they are sometimes mesmerized by and enjoy drawing maps, doodling, and describing events in pictures words. 

Having spatial skills means that these strengths applied to learning will help remember what they study better.

Howard Gardner, the creator of the theory of multiple intelligences, said that they have  the "ability or mental skill to solve spatial problems of navigation, visualization of objects from different angles." 

Another really clear example of the spatial strength was Watson and Crick's discovery of the structure of DNA. They were able to visualize a 3D model of Franklin's flat image.  

You have a child with visual and spatial strength when she can read and draw maps better than the average “bear.” A child with a strong visual multiple intelligence won’t get lost at the amusement park, and if you stick with them, neither will you.

To Build These Strengths, have your child

  •  follow a road map and decide the best route for your next field trip
  •  plan which rides to visit first on your next trip to the amusement park
  •  play any of the Tycoon games (but forbid them from letting the tigers loose and eating the people like my son did.)
  •  practice pantomime
  •  study and color "hidden pictures" 

Follow The Map!

Color the Circulatory System.

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Learn Photography!

In Order To Learn Difficult Material, your child can

  •  incorporate these learning techniques bycreating a storyboard of a book 
  • draw flow charts and diagrams to outline book chapters
  • color maps in social studies
  • watch videos (Here's an example with the periodic table.) 
  • color code the bones in anatomy and other science drawings

People With Visual Intelligence Have Careers As 

  • architects 
  • photographers 
  • designers 
  • animators


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