Valentine Day Curriculum Teaches Love, Devotion, and Hope

History of Valentine

I hope you enjoy this Valentine Day curriculum. It's not all about the chocolate and flowers although that is part of it today.

But what about back in 269 A.D. when Valentine married couples in secret? That was against the Roman Emperor Claudius II edict? That devotion to the sacredness of love and marriage cost him his life because he was beheaded. 

This Valentine's you can learn more about it. Below are some excellent short videos that will give you an excellent history of Valentine's Day. 

Valentine's Day Arts and Crafts

This Valentine Day curriculum helps your children to express their love and appreciation for their family members. 

Here is an excellent site that offers many different crafts for your children to choose. The crafts range from simple cutting and gluing to crochet and origami. 

There's another where a child can practice her hand coordination by sewing yarn around a paper valentine.

Here's another site that provides free coloring pages for younger children

Valentine Day Curriculum Math

This is a great time to reinforce, sneak in, and improve your child's ability to solve word problems.  One of the tricks to solving word problems is understanding that they are not really math problems, but reading and critical thinking problems.

A student, in order to get the solve the problem, has to eliminate unnecessary information.  Word problems ALWAYS have numbers in them that can distract the unwary reader.  For example,  here's a word problem taken from the Saxon 65 book:

We can count to 18 by 2's or by 3's. We do not count to 18 when counting by 

A. 1's                    B. 4's                       C. 6's                          D. 9's

While the information "We can count to 18 by 2's or by 3's can be helpful, it's not necessary to solving the problem. 

Here are more Valentine Day curriculum math word problems that are free for elementary aged kids.


There are a few expressions that are associated with Valentine Day. One of them is "wearing your heart on your sleeve," which originated in the Middle Ages. Remember those knights jousting? A maiden often would wear the knights wore the lady's colors on one of their sleeves to honor her. 

There are many more love idiomatic expressions here too. 

Let's don't forget the classic romantic literature either!

Some of the most timeless novels are romantic.  

But even young men can get a good romantic education by reading Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. How?

Romantic literature is all about getting things perfect or making the shot every time when it counts.

That's romantic.

Here's a sampling of British and American, nineteenth century and modern literature that's at the top of the A-list. 

Parents, you can piggyback this Valentine Day curriculum with their reading assignments.These books can strengthen their reading comprehension.

Note: If you can't see the carousel on the right, here are my recommendations: 

History of Valentine's Day Around The World

Although Valentine's Day originated as a Christian holiday, there is a day in most countries where men and women exchange gifts of candy, flowers, and chocolate to show their love or affection for each other.

In Asian countries, women give the men candy, chocolates, and small gifts in accordance to their devotion to them. Don't like that idea; there's a reciprocal holiday in March called White Day. So actually, there are two Valentine Days in Japan and Korea.

There is an excellent geography lesson here. Get a map and find the places listed. Then, read their customs. The one for Scotland sounds very interesting. 

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