People With Naturalist Multiple Intelligence Are Keen Observers

People with naturalist multiple intelligence are those who seem to be in love with the natural world. They like to spend time in natural settings, walk up to stray animals, and have or want unusual pets. It's not that they don't like dogs and cats, but you can spot a naturalist because they have a ferret, a sugar baby, snakes, and turtles. They thrive in nature. They are skilled and confident and comfortable there, and they learn best in natural settings — in short, they are nature smart.

Photos taken by Diana Boles.

Do This To Learn Difficult Material -

  • work in a room that has plants and calm colors
  • choose science labs or projects with an emphasis on natural items
  • when taking a break from work, spend free time outside when possible
  • in history, make sure your child visualizes the physical location of the historic event
  • try to make the lessons as tactile as possible like glueing and pasting natural items to paper rather than drawing them
  • in health, compare the grooming habits of animals to your child's own grooming 
  • When your child is having difficulty writing, she can take her notebook and write outside under a patio. 

To Build These Special Gifts -

  • practice classifying or identifying different flora and fauna
  • recognize patterns in nature, such as spirals, triangles, conicals, and colours
  • play "I Spy" 
  • complete "Hidden Pictures" worksheets. I've always enjoyed the ones in Highlights magazine
  • encourage recycling and conservation projects 

Other activities could include planting a garden from beginning plants inside, transplanting, and measuring growth. This covers science, math, and writing skills, as well as improving their observation skills. A long term study of weather by keeping track of different clouds, temperatures, amounts of sunshine will improve her naturalistic strengths too. 

Naturalist Multiple Intelligence Careers Include -

Children who have a dominant naturalist strengths will have excellent careers as

  • veterinarians
  • farmers
  • marine biologists
  • conservationists
  • gardeners
  • aquaculturists

Conservation of the world's natural resources and growing food by means of aquaculture are up-and-coming careers throughout the world today.  

Famous Persons with the Naturalist Multiple Intelligence

Steve Irvin with a crocodile

Photo credit to

Photo by Michael Neugebauer.

Jane Goodall with a chimp.

Photo by Michael Neugebauer.

Other naturalists include Charles Darwin, Dian Fossey (You can support her work with gorillas now.) , and Gregor Mendel, who is famous for his genetic discoveries using peas. Click here to return to the other intelligences when you finish viewing the Naturalist Multiple Intelligence. 

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