People with Musical Intelligence Feel The Rhythm

 Possessing these qualities probably indicate a strong musical intelligence with your child.

  • Does your child pick up on the rhythm of songs quite easily? 
  • Having a musical multiple intelligence can manifest itself like this. 
  • Can she sing along after hearing the song halfway through it? 
  • Does she hum tunes to herself when there's no music playing? 
  • Does she tap sound patterns on tables? 
  • Does she like poetry? 
  • Is she good in math?


There is something other worldly about music that enriches one's spirit, and I have always appreciated these artists and their musical gifts. As a teacher, I was fortunate to teach one of them named Phillip Gabriel Garcia who is with the El Paso Youth Symphony Orchestra. I asked Maestro to share some of his thoughts about musical intelligence.

Photo of Maestro Phillip Gabriel Garcia used with permission.

Photo of Maestro Phillip Gabriel Garcia used with permission.


"Music is all around us. It binds us. It creates us."

                                                                                  -Maestro Phillip Gabriel Garcia


"In music education the first instrument we learn is our own voice.| He added that usually, if a student can sing the melody and/or count the rhythm out loud, that student will be able to play it on the instrument.

When Phillip was growing up, he learned the piano first. He explained that this practice enables a student to grasp a wide knowledge about music and how it is assembled.

"Music is like math. It's organized and logical," he said. 

He further stated that once theory is learned, music can be used as a powerful tool for peace, education, and expression.

"I started off with classical music and over my 20 years with el paso youth I have discovered all genres of music are good for teaching."

To Build These Strengths, Have Your Child

  • sing in a choir
  • volunteer for a musical production in a local theater
  • listen to music with different beats and rhythm and practice 

And  the Maestro personally recommends

  • joining a local youth symphony
  • taking piano or orchestra lessons

If your child is studying an instrument, here is a link about appropriate practice time. 

In Order To Learn Difficult Material, Use these techniques...

Remember when you learned your ABC's with the ABC song? That's musical intelligence. Children are very in tune with rhythm and a cute, catchy tune goes a long way to learning material that may otherwise seem unimportant.

Below is a hilarious example of setting random material to song to help you memorize. Humor also helps people learn by getting those endorphins working in our brains. 

  • use songs to memorize material. 
  • play Mozart or Beethoven while your child is studying.
  • allow your child to search for appropriate music to enhance a science or math lesson
  • add music from the appropriate period to a history lesson

Musical Multiple Intelligence Careers include... 

  • singers
  • musicians
  • conductors
  • composers

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