People with Intrapersonal Multiple Intelligence Enjoy Thinking

A person with the intrapersonal multiple intelligence strength doesn’t mind spending time alone. She will always find ways to entertain herself. You’ll find that she will voluntarily pick up a magazine and begin reading, or she will doodle on an odd sheet of paper. She is highly independent, steps to the beat of a different drummer, seems to follow an inner voice, and pursues her own interests.

In fact, don’t be surprised if one day her sense of adventure causes her to take off on a day trip or go hiking through the woods and forget to tell you where she’s going. If you have ever done this or have a child who tends to do this, your child is displaying a dominant intrapersonal multiple intelligence.  While she is naturally introverted, this does not mean that she is lonely. Far from it, she is her own best friend. Throughout her life, she will prefer her own company and a couple of close friends.  Other personal characteristics include

  • Meditating
  • Strong-willed
  • Self-motivated
  • Philosophical
  • Reflective

To Build These Strengths, Have Your Child

Keeping a journal for the intrapersonal multiple intelligent child is probably the best way to remember material. Enclosing snippets of key information inside balloons, drawing boxes, and lightning bolts will help her visualize and focus on material. If she is a true intrapersonal type girl, she will save these journals for years to come, and never tire of flipping through them on a rainy day. Drawing pictures and using color will help reinforce material.

In Order To Learn Difficult Material, Use these techniques...

In reality, the intrapersonal type is already primed to self-improvement; however, if she is struggling with some material, it would be a good idea to reason with her about the importance of the material. For example, in history, discuss the struggles an individual general or inventor may have endured to accomplish his or her dream. The child with intrapersonal multiple intelligence should always read biographies of people like Nikola Tesla, Amelia Earhart, and Jackie Robinson. Inspirational stories such as these will do more to encourage your child than any dry, typical history book on the market today.

To encourage her writing skills, her journals should include multiple paragraph compositions on her ideas, opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of her reading passages, and her dreams.

Intrapersonal types are dreamers, and dreamers become entrepreneurs.

Nikola Tesla
Amelia Earhart
Jackie Robinson

Interpersonal Multiple Intelligence Careers include... 

  • writers (This includes bloggers.)
  • collectors
  • artists
  • entrepreneurs
  • photographers
  • psychologists
  • philosophers
  • counselors
  • theologians

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