People with Interpersonal Multiple Intelligence are
People Persons

Your child is off to a great start! Since the interpersonal multiple intelligence revolves around communicating, understanding, and resolving conflicts with other human beings, your child will always have friends and business opportunities throughout her life. Make sure your extrovert has lots of opportunities to enhance her special gifts.

Do This To Learn Difficult Material . . 

  • team up with someone and use flash cards with one another over math problems and vocabulary
  • pair up with another child for a big science project
  • create a choral reading assignment for history or reading (This has the added benefit of improving reading skills.)

A Choral Reading example

To Build These Special Gifts -

  • practice decision-making to encourage developing the win-win philosophy and paradigm
  • have your child help a younger child with a task or learning assignment
  • join groups like soccer teams, karate clubs and/or ballet classes where there will be recital (The recital is important.)
  • show her how to find logical and practical solutions, like how to repair broken items or get rid of fleas.

You'll never know for sure exactly which interpersonal activity will build this multiple intelligence gift the best, so it's a good idea to use a variety of techniques.


However, don't have her join so many interpersonal multiple intelligent activities that she's run ragged being in groups. Too many children today are placed in activities with the intention to keep them out of trouble (Which sounds like a good idea, but...) , but if your child never has an opportunity to sit quietly, how will she  behave when left to her own resources?


Good QUESTION! It's best to learn this about her now while she's young, and you can guide her. She may be fine and make positive choices, but you'll never know for sure if she's running from soccer practice to piano lessons to advanced math tutoring. You won't be there to run her life forever, so what's she going to do when she has freedom for the first time?

ANSWER: Probably make some bad choices. (By the way, that's how we all learn, but let her make those mistakes when she's under 18.)


Interpersonal Multiple Intelligence Careers include...

Children who have a dominant interpersonal multiple intelligence will have excellent careers as 

  • counselor
  • diplomats
  • leaders
  • salesmen
  • coaches
  • politicians
  • and clergy