Freshman English Curriculum

Here is a free freshman English curriculum guide that includes what a 9th grader traditionally studies, along with numerous instructional suggestions, free materials, and links for creative alternatives.

Click on the literature, vocabulary, grammar,and writing links to go there now. Your teenager will study a diversified vocabulary list, ample literary units, practical grammar and writing assignments. The cherry on the sundae is a free editing and revision service for your teenager's essays. 

Freshman Literature

I’ve included some alternative units on mythology from different countries and fairy tales from around the world. However, if you would prefer to save these units for 10th grade English, that will work too.

I’d also like to suggest that your teenager read A Midsummer’s Night Dream in addition to Romeo and Juliet.   Don’t get me wrong, R and J fed right into my romantic nature.

I saw the movie in the theater twice, in the drive-in theater at least three times, ask for an got the soundtrack and a copy of the play for my birthday,

I’ve read it at least 20 times, and can recite at least half of the play by memory.

I fell in love with love and words my freshman year.  

Click here to go to the 9th grade literature links

Freshman Grammar

As for grammar,a refreshing change from the usual freshman English curriculum will include a year of diagramming longer sentences, writing samples of them, and using the grammar book as a tool to improve your teenager’s writing.

When she adds/incorporates those new sentence patterns into her own essays, her writing skills will improve. Part of your job will be to encourage her to use these sentence patterns in her writing.

There are a few good sites that teach sentence diagramming, for now, I've chosen this one. 


Freshman Vocabulary

 A good freshman English curriculum also should build a better vocabulary to include literary terms, general word knowledge, Latin and Greek roots, prefixes and suffixes, SAT vocabulary, and reinforce spelling. 

However, my suggestion is 

Let’s not get carried away!

By that I mean don’t have your child try to learn 20 or 25 definitions every week. 

Your teenager will be learning new vocabulary in her literary assignments and studying different words in her science and social studies classes too.

You and your teenager should choose up to 10 words a week from the literature 

assignments, SAT vocabulary, and Greek and Latin roots. Learn the roots and define at least three of the words for each root.  

My suggestion would be to choose three or four from these links, and two or three from the stories or novels.

Freshman English Curriculum -Writing Assignments 

I have envisioned a unique writing project that I believe will help your teenager's writing skills. I have created a writing form below where you can cut and paste your teenager’s essays for free editing and revision.

This will be a highly educational process for everyone. It will not only help you by publishing her papers and receiving  free editing and revision suggestions, but you also will be able to read other students’ papers (anonymously) as well.

Follow this freshman English curriculum link back to the English curriculum or this link to different writing assignments  

Writing Assignments for Freshmen

I would recommend a  five-paragraph (250-word) character analysis on one of the main characters in Romeo and Juliet.

  • Keep a journal entry of summaries of all the books read. It can be a 100-word summary and opinion for every 50 pages. In addition, a 100-word summary must be written about the protagonist, the antagonist, and two other significant characters.
  • Choose a historical fact about Animal Farm and write a comparison-contrast paper.
  • Choose an essay from this link about the myths that you have read. Again, it should be a five-paragraph (250-word) essay about your chosen essay. 

Free Editing and Revision Form

Please cut and paste your teenager's essay onto this content form. I will be happy to read and advise your teenager's essay. While I enjoy editing and revising, and I know it will be instructive to your teenager's education, once this freshman English curriculum has ten good samples of editing for each of the essays, you can read the samples on this website.

However, If you would still like to have personal editing done, I am available for private editing. Please contact me for details by using my contact form here on the home page or to keep up with my latest pages, comments, and suggestions on education and homeschooling, click on the orange RSS button on the left.

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Share Your Teenager's Writing

Do you want to help your teenager write better, but can't find a trustworthy, economical service? I have found no free editing or revision service on the web either.Therefore, in the box below, cut and paste an essay of no more than 300 words (five paragraphs)and click SUBMIT. I will personally review her writing sample and make comments on her strengths and areas needed for improvement.Your teenager's name will be kept confidential.

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