Free Christmas Curriculum Ideas For Everyone

This free Christmas Curriculum will help to keep your children engaged in learning through the holidays. Here are some holiday-related assignments in various academic areas.  

These activities incorporate holiday, winter, and Christmas themes into not only educational enrichment, but a celebration of family life. 

Christmas And Winter Science

  • Learn how to care for winter birds by having your children prepare bird food for them.
  • Play I Spy. Here is an absolutely awesome page of 11 winter science terms. I'm not sure you want to send your children outside, but you can print these photos, make flashcards and build their science vocabulary. 

Surely, throughout the winter, they will see many of them. Your children can watch the weather channel, which usually shows photos and scenes of extreme winter weather. For example, when Dallas had four days of icy weather last winter it was called "hard rime."

Please note that many of these websites contain ads of their own. 

Christmas Arts and Crafts

Here is an excellent free Christmas curriculum page with many arts and crafts to keep your children engaged. 

Here's another website with numerous craft projects to support a free Christmas curriculum.

Salt Dough ornaments

Christmas History, Geography, and more

Christmas Music and Theater

Here is a group of teenagers performing as silent monks. This video has more than a million hits on youtube.

Materials needed: Get one Christmas song here, sheets, cards and poster paints. Your children can perform a Christmas play and practice every morning until their performance. 

Christmas English and Literature

Christmas Math

Both images are from 

Baking is a great free Christmas curriculum idea.

Your child can learn fractions by making cookies and building houses.

Here are a couple of recipes for Christmas Candy Canes and 

making a gingerbread house.

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