Fourth Grade Curriculum, continued (page 2)

Art as a Two-Fold Approach

Art in the fourth grade continues to be very important. First,during the fall season, I’d like to suggest working with some sort of crafts projects, so your child can make homemade holiday or birthday gifts for family members. This is certainly more meaningful, and it provides tactile, productive experiences for your child. 

Second, study one artist and imitate his or her style of painting. 


For example, your child could study Georges-Pierre Seurat who painted this on the right. It is a detail from his 

La Parade de Cirque, (1889),

and is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 

Here,  you can more clearly see the tiny dots of color that characterize the technique of pointillism, which you can learn more about  by clicking here. 

Your fourth grade child could use some poster paints and easily create/imitate a landscape or portrait like Seurat's using a pencil eraser tip dipped in colors.You can more easily see the tiny spots of paint to the image.


photo provided by kvkteachart

Photo taken by  Ed Bierman


This painting is displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago. Find out more about this painting.

The title of this painting is 

Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte , which translates to

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte


The observation skills required to imitate his technique and match his colors will teach the color wheel, hues, shades, contour and balance. 

I think it's completely unnecessary to tell a parent that a child must learn about one artistic form over another one. The only guideline that a parent should use should be to follow the child’s interests and provide materials to suit her skills in the fourth grade.

History - Maps and Explorers

Wherever possible, you should incorporate primary sources into your child’s history lessons. More and more, history is being written according to the popular political mood of the day, which makes it impossible to truly understand how things come about in the world.

Studying maps and routes of American explorers will provide a genuine education of how a nation grew and progressed. Studying why advancements, such as

Finally, be sure to include the political events, cultural and social climate, and literary advancements of this time period as well. Introducing your own wisdom about money and human motivation into lessons will help your child will teach your child about the underlying motives and movements of money in an economy and make history more meaningful.

Fourth Grade - Writing Across the Curriculum

In history when your child writes summaries of these events in her portfolio, encourage her to combine sentences that include predicate nouns and adjectives. For example, if you see something like

John Franklin created gas lighting.

John Franklin was an inventor.

He was very famous.

Now, have her write another sentence:

John Franklin, an inventor, was famous because he created gas lighting.

Click here to review the sentence types for the fourth grade.

In science let's say that your child has completed a science project on the acidic properties of different soft drinks. Not only could she write about the experiment results, but also a journal entry about her thoughts on the effect of this material on her own health, including diabetes. 

In English she could write a book report about the characteristics of the main character. She would choose three traits, and analyze whether these character traits helped her or hindered her in becoming an adult member of society. 

Fourth Grade Math

Learning the times' table through the 12s and beginning to study division is the main course of study for the fourth grade. As always, being patient and using a variety of techniques, supported by your child’s multiple intelligences, to learn these concepts will best help your child be successful.

A workbook that reviews all math skills from addition through division with an introduction of fractions will serve your child well this year. Next year, the Saxon series, which I believe has excellent examples, explanations, and offers linear work problems will further develop your child's math skills. 

For now, the times' table is very important to learn. 

To download free math worksheets, just type in free math worksheets, and you will find four or five sources for them. 

Fourth Grade P.E.

Documenting exercise time is important to helping your child become aware of her health and her responsibility to take care of herself.

In fact, combining science lessons about the muscle groups and implementing exercises to develop muscle tone in each area are very instructive activities.

For entertainment and life skills, joining team sports or enrolling in ballet, martial arts, or swim classes will give your daughter confidence and develop her agility too.

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