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The existential multiple intelligence  was not included when Gardner first published his seven multiple intelligences.

A few years later the naturalist m.i. was introduced and mostly accepted. A few years after that, the existential m.i. was introduced, but has not received the same acceptance as the others.

UPDATE: It's easy to develop the existential within you and your children. Here's an inspirational story. 

Gardner stated that existential intelligence scored "reasonably well" on the criteria, but was lacking in "empirical evidence." Therefore, he held off from declaring it a ninth intelligence. 

"The unexamined life is not worth living"
                                                        - Socrates

So what are people with the existential multiple intelligence like? They are more likely to be attuned to their inner selves, as they are naturally highly introspective. This is not to be mistaken for one who is self-absorbed.

Instead, they have a firm understanding of their own personal beliefs, preferences, and convictions. A modern day example, in my opinion, is Jose Mujica, president of Uruguay. 

“I suffered, but you can’t hold on to hatred,” he said. “I wouldn’t be the person I am if I hadn’t lived through those years.”

-Jose "Pepe" Mujica, president of Uruguay

They have a strong inner voice that motivates and guides them. Here is a movie I recently viewed. I wish I could say I saw it two years ago when it was first published, but I recommend that you view it with your children. In each of us, there is a hero.


This short movie, Boatlift, makes me proud to be a member of the human race. 

Existential learners enjoy activities that allow them a choice of activities, where they can express themselves and  not just memorize facts.

They have their own goals and are frequently motivated to follow their own inner convictions.

Joan of Arc

An excellent example of this is Joan of Arc. I recently read Joan of Arc by Mark Twain, and Joan’s childhood personality clearly displays the traits of someone possessed with a strong, inner spiritual voice.

 While I personally found the first few chapters in the beginning a bit slow, once I accepted that I was learning about her humble spirituality and her innate existential oneness as witnessed by her neighbors, I came to appreciate her unique qualities as having an existential multiple intelligence.      

Joan was a being so uplifted from the ordinary run of mankind that she finds no equal in a thousand years.
                                                               - Winston Churchill

Twain’s book is available as a free download on Amazon with your Kindle. 

I have chosen Joan of Arc as a book study for the 8th grade, and it will soon be available on my website and later as a download. 

These book studies are intended to help your child improve her reading comprehension through an intensive, evaluative analysis of selected books. 

Joan of Arc, Vol 2

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Building Existential Qualities Stimulates Compassion

Learners with existential multiple intelligence are attuned to the human condition. 

They are able to comprehend issues like the significance of life and death and the experience of love.

Since the "existential" multiple intelligence is a rare quality, so your child may or may not possess it; however, there is a HERO in all of us and this characteristic can be developed. Here are some activities that will help your child develop her spiritual qualities.

To Build These Special Gifts -

People with existential multiple intelligence learn best when they have opportunities to express their preferences and act on their opinions. They enjoy managing their own learning and in most cases are good at evaluating their own performance by encouraging

·        Self-analysis

·       Judgment of the validity of school subjects

·        Examining the actions of historical figures, statesmen, and scientists

 (This is another good reason to read Joan of Arc. There are few, if any, military leaders who can match her high standards of conduct, and it will provide a benchmark by which your child can judge all other leaders.)

An Unsung Heroine of India: The Gulaab Gang

How can your child become a better person and build her existential multiple intelligence skills?

You can read a review of Gulaab Gang. A person with existential multiple intelligence typically works well independently and is motivated to do well. 

Watching For The Downside

On the negative side, however, they may have difficulty accepting their own mistakes and conforming to others' expectations.

Helping your child, when an error like this occurs, to walk through and learn from her mistake, will fine tune her “guidance system,” so to speak.

I think it is an important role for a parent to remember that her brain (pre-frontal cortex) is not fully developed and although she may not want your guidance, she needs it.

Helping her visualize and understand the consequences of the dictates of her “inner voice” should be the job of a loving parent.

Sometimes it’s difficult when we feel our child is “better than us” to provide a dose of reality for her, but it is necessary for her safety.

Do This To Learn Difficult Material-

There is a popular, well merchandised slogan today “What Would Jesus/Dali Lama/my best self Do?” Simply ask this question  in whatever circumstance or reading passage that she may not understand. It will encourage your child to find the “higher calling” of an event or activity and provide meaning and importance for her.

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Other activities include

  • Participate in a charity event like walk-a-thons or Toys for Tots, etc.
  • Keep a current events notebook with a focus on humanitarian stories. (excellent venue for WWJD? questions)
  • Direct family dinners to uplifting, positive conversations. 
  • Read romantic poetry. (Walt Whitman, Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Existential Multiple Intelligence Careers include...

·       counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrist

·       social workers,

·       motivational speakers,

·       human resources workers,

·       ministers, philosophers, and

·       Peace Corp workers

Food For The Poor- Donations

Of all the donations Food For The Poor receives, 95.8 percent goes to its program services.   If you are interested in learning more, you can read its 2013 annual report.

This suggestion is made simply as a means of helping you develop your own and your children's existential and spiritual qualities. I absolutely make no money from anything you may donate as a result of your own study of this charity organization.

To review other intelligences in addition to the existential multiple intelligence, click on the link. 

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