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This is going to be a roller coaster education news page. Because out there in the world, there are some crazy, wild, stupid, INFURIATING and EXCITING events taking place.

But the bottom line is no matter what the news item you read here, you are going to be thrilled and relieved that you home school. At the very least, I hope to become the instrument of your fact-finding mission that edges you toward committing to home schooling your children. 

August 20, 2013
Librarian Wants To Ban the "Hog" Who Wins Book Contests

Here's one of the latest insults in education news: The evidence just keeps piling up that Amerika is no longer about being the best. 

Yes, here is yet another example of the HOMOGENIZATION and creation of the factory worker clone for the service of the STATE 

when a public librarian decides that she must lower standards to help other children "win" a summer reading contest that evidently one young nine-year-old has won for five years in a row.

Why doesn't she just create more prizes in categories of 100 books read, 200 books read, etc.?

August 19,2013
Schools Become More and More Hostile Toward Boys

It's not too late to homeschool, especially if you're like me and have three sons. If your boys are not the type to be able to sit still in a box with an authoritarian teacher constantly telling them to be quiet for seven hours a day, maybe you should consider a healthier alternative for them.

Last year's education news about real suspensions of boys who tried to save the world with imaginary hand grenades or chewing one's toaster pastry in the shape of a gun, isn't going to improve this year.

Eleven-year-old home schooler Takes Monsanto to Task

When this video first begins, I figured it was just a kid who was taking Monsanto to task for the GMO nightmare it has created, but when he stated that he was a home schooler, I was very pleased.

First of all, it goes to reason that only a home schooled kid (his words, not mine, and I mean no disrespect calling someone a kid) would be able to research this information, compile it, and practice presenting it. But he was changed by his knowledge.

His education occurs in an environment free of bells that shuttle him from one classes to the next, interrupting any possible chance at developing any deep thinking or finding solutions to everyday problems.

Home school education allows time for pondering, reflecting, and growing that the public schools don't. He also has developed a sense of himself and the power that one person can have in the world. Click below to see the video of this 11 year old.

Meet other Kids Who Excel

There are dozens of kids who think, discover, and act on their ideas. Here's Rachel Fox for one. They aren't stifled or muted by educational authoritarians. Do you know one of them? Contact me and share the link. 

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