Economics: Micro, Macro, and Mises, oh my!

Economics is the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, or the material welfare of humankind.

With the free sites and videos given below, you can build a curriculum for your teen that will surpass anything the schools offer. And with regular updates to this page, your teen will enhance her learning throughout her studies, just the way education should be. 

Latest Update: Dorothy Meets Emperors, Gold, and Inflation!"

I came across a website today and enjoyed the Roman history lesson, noting its similarities to America's current economic state.

I firmly believe the United States shall soon "go the way" of theRomans. TweetThis. 

Unfortunately or not,  (Why should Americans be any different from the rest of the world?) there is no American Exceptionalism 

Update: Why Did FDR Confiscate Gold and What Does it Have to do With Our Economy Today?

Bailout This Bank! Bailout That Bank! I came across this article and am sharing it because it describes the very first BAILOUT. Not of a bank, but of the Federal Reserve, the printer of worthless paper money.

And here's an easy-to-understand economics video about what the Federal Reserve and what it does. 

 News Update: Economic Moves to Save the Economy

In order for your children to have a good economic education, it should be as updated as possible. They can learn by applying their critical thinking skills articles that they read.

 Here's a recent article about some old laws that is surfacing in the news about FATCA.   

You know what this is? It's the old trick of pass the law now, so - get ready --             "So it's there to protect you when you need it." 

The Crash Course Free Video Series

Your teenager will benefit highly from watching this video series. It's presented by Chris Martenson at

What I personally like about it is the professional presentation in simple yet evocative, non-hype format in easy-to-understand language.

He presents facts, opinions, and his personal beliefs without sensationalism. If you aren't sure whether to watch or read anything else, start here with these short videos. 

Update: Monkeys Reflect Fairness? in the Marketplace

Here's a short video that honestly reflects the need for fairness in the marketplace. Yes, it's funny, but its lesson strikes a chord with the 99 percent. 

Foundation Reading Materials

There are seven different theories  to review; however, the Keynesian model is the predominant theory taught and used in the United States today.

However, encourage your teenager to monitor these issues throughout the year.

With the literature provided here, she will certainly advance her understanding of how global money policy is managed.

I would also recommend reading this free copy of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations

A Short History of World Economic Systems

Here is an excellent video about how the different world systems, including the barter, capitalism, communal, and mixed systems have developed in the world.

Keith Hughes', "HipHughes" style is contemporary and will hold your teen's attention throughout his presentation. 

Study The Banking Industry! 
Bankers Plot To Steal Your Savings! 

Parents, any time education can be taught in a more practical, realistic and less theoretical manner will improve your teen's understanding and make any curriculum more meaningful to them.

Opening a bank account and watching their savings dwindle as inflation erodes their dividends will provide a better education than simply reading a book.

I propose will give your child a broader understanding of money and countries. Here's the latest preposterous proposal to steal the little savings left in America. 

Here's another article about Hungary's recent move to free its country from the stranglehold (death grip) of the bankers.

I'm posting it as an potential starting place for a real understanding of the movement of global money.

Study Iceland's recovery from its banking collapse a few years ago. 

Your child can begin by learning about the banking system, and that will bring her back to a more traditional, if not staid and politically correct, study of economics. 

Fox on Stocks

Many homeschooling parents focus on having the right curriculum and helping their children to learn the right material, but parents should also remember to dream big for their children.

Kids don't have to go to college to be successful. They do have to learn -- something or some things, but it doesn't have to be wrapped up in a college diploma. Here's a website of a 17-year-old actress who trades stocks and gives stocks advice. Click on the link to learn more about her. 


This is the study of separate parts or units of a smaller financial unit. An example would be how your family manages your financial obligations. Another example is how a large corporation manages its business.


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