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Studying a computer science curriculum is another chance for your child to get ahead of the curve. Parents, remember how we've been talking about developing your teenager's strengths? viagra for the mind

Latest Update: An Hour of Code Creating Snowflakes With Elsa

If you've watched the videos on this page, you know that having your child learn to code can provide a useful, productive, demanding career long into the 21st century.

Many of the courses are adapted to elementary levels, so even young children can learn from them. Visit now and insist that your child complete one of them.

Good luck and be sure to leave me a note on how they faired. Thanks. 

Free Computer Courses for Homeschoolers

Here's a great opportunity to learn a wide range of computer skills from Apache Web and SQL to Microsoft Office and Flash. 

Learn More About Coding

Here is the video produced by promoting the advantages of students learning coding if only high schools and colleges would teach it. Please take time to watch it if you haven't seen it already, and you'll hear Bill Gates, Mark  Zuckerberg, and others discuss this gap in American education. 

 Why? Watch this video below.  Code Academy has expanded its courses. Sign up here. They are available in numerous languages. 

What did you think? I liked the part about the one million jobs that won't be filled because no student learns coding? Did you see the work environment? Wouldn't it comfort you to know that your young adult is working for some company like that? 

Computer Curriculum and Free Online IT Training

So how do you introduce this to your child? Yes, your six-year-old or whatever age your child is.

It's never too late.

Let's start at this website and practice the short, fun tutorial videos here. Here is a formal, detailed computer science curriculum.

Make sure you notice that this curriculum is from the UK, not the US, and that the endorsers are Americans. What can one say: "If one doesn't see it; one doesn't see it."

Here's another website that offers an interactive tutorial on building html code and uploading pages. I used this website about five years ago, and the instructions are simply with short, interesting tasks to complete.  

Still yet, here is another completely FREE website that provides basic computer science curriculum training, Microsoft certified training, and how to build a website through WordPress. Click on this link to go immediately to this webpage.

Computer Graphics and Free Trials

Go to the Adobe website that offers different and exciting free downloads of all its graphic designer programs.

Each one is a 30-day trial and provides plenty of time for your child to become familiar with its tools.

You may want her to spend a bit more time on the computer at the temporary expense of other studies, but you can always make that up later.

Between the Creative Suite and Creative Cloud trial subscriptions, you have more than 25 programs that your child can preview

Attend Google's Web Academy

Attend online that is. Check this out. Here is Google's page with 24 short videos that explain how to get your website noticed by the Google spiders (You'll learn what those are in the video.) and . 

So let's summarize:  When you complete this computer science course, your child will be able to 

  • write basic code
  • be aware of and have practiced numerous Adobe creative programs 
  • build a family web page
  • understand how the Google search engine works
  • visualize how she too can express herself on the Web without waiting to earn a college degree

If a 9-year-old Can Do It,

Here is a link to a nine-year-old who built his own iPhone app.

Building a Family Web Page

Many families have web pages that share their adventures, travels, and special moments. You can learn how to build a family web page by clicking here through newly acquired computer science curriculum skills can be an exciting family project. 

It can provide your child an opportunity to practice coding, create illustrations, style pages, and write creative copy. 

Think about how many art, mathematical, writing, and creative thinking skills that are demonstrated in creating such a project?

Did I Miss Something? 

I am continually updating my website so that parents get  a sense of the growth of the computer science industry. Providing free tutorials so their children can sample, dabble for a while, and learn is my goal. If you have found a site or opportunity for children that I have missed, please contact me below. 

You also can subscribe to my Twitter by clicking on the Twitter button to the left. 

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