Common Core Curriculum - Good or Bad?

Update: Common Core Seeks To Erase White Privilege

The short video below says it plain and straightforward: The purpose of Common Core, at least the portion that this teacher created, "seeks to eliminate white privilege."  

I think he's right and he's wrong. Here's why he is right. There is such a thing as white privilege in America. What is white privilege? It's having a connection, a referral, or someone who can vouch for you to help you work and make your way in life.

The only reason it's called white privilege is that the persons who settled the United States had European ancestry. Every culture and country in the world helps each future generations to succeed this way. 

Here's how Common Core and this man are wrong to want to get rid of it.

White privilege wasn't acquired freely--our ancestors paid for it. 

His ancestors, his first- and second-generation Americans worked so he could have it. I'd venture to say that most Americans know little of the sacrifices that their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers made to provide an easier life for him. 

And here's another thought: No one forces anyone to come to America, just like I'm not forced to live in Uruguay, where I currently live. but I would not be so bold as to expect generations of families who worked hard to build something for their future generations to give it up to accommodate me.

When I have proved myself, worked hard and assimilated into my new country, then, I would enjoy some of the same privileges. After all, most of the human race migrated to another place at one time.

To allow ourselves to be indoctrinated by this Common Core agenda is to dump in the trash, the legacy and inheritance that our great-grandparents, grandparents, and Moms and Dads built for us is - well, at the very least, ignorant. 

And that's what this man is doing. He's forgotten his ancestry.

That said, however, here's another thought. The world is constantly changing, and white people, Anglos and those of European ancestry, are not as prolific as they were a century ago.

Population shifts are bringing about changes that will eventually negatively impact the "white" race. I suspect that anthropologists would argue that this is a natural course of events in human history. 

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UPDATE: (August 27, 20) CC Violates 10th Amendment

Common Core continues to be controversial. It can be argued that a state should be able to sue the federal government for usurping its 10th amendment rights. The government has teased poor states with money and told them all they have to do is accept Common Core? Find out more. 

UPDATE: (JUNE 6, 2014) OKLAHOMA votes to end CC. 

UPDATE (May 7, 2014): Riveting and Accurate Explanation of Common core

Below is an excellent,  two-hour video explanation. I was going to watch it in 30-minute segments, but it is riveting. The history, the politics, and an explanation on how the states were duped into accepting it are all here. 

The major deception is the "standards based" education. 

Please take the time to watch. If your children are still in the publics, this is what the federal government is doing to them.

If your children are homeschooled, pass this information to others who will listen. 

UPDATE (April 30, 2014): It's Testing Time. Here are some results! 

It's like I said before: Teach when the child is ready.

That includes physically, spiritually, socially, and mentally ready. If you want your child to ride a bike, sure you can put her on the bike when she's two years old, and she will probably get the hang of it about four or five months before other kids at whatever age, but at what cost?

Or a school can begin to test children on things that they are not ready to grasp mentally and they may learn about four or five months before they'd naturally understand it, but at what cost?

Common core math leaves a bloody trail of victims in its path and why? To gain an edge? To identify prodigies at an early age? Possibly but  here's a post about comedian Louis C.K. on the effects of this testing. Here's the reality. 

COMMON CORE is wrong because it's unconstitutional! 

I follow Ben Swann's website not because of his conservative beliefs, but because he knows homeschooling. He and all of his siblings are from my hometown of El Paso, and they were homeschooled when homeschooling wasn't cool. Here's an article about the unconstitutionality of common core. 

UPDATE: Student Slams ...

The Bottom Line ...

This new curriculum SERVES THE STATE, not your children and not you the parents. The Arts serve children's needs, just as artistic expression nurtures all of us.

Usually, if not always, art funding comes from outside the system and is a desperate AFTERTHOUGHT to save a school.

That response is the result of an attitude that will never change.

The purpose of the public schools is to create disposable workers for business

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Can't decide?

Here are some of my previous blogs.   

Okay, so now you know my thoughts, so just what is the common core program. It is a national plan developed about a decade ago to homogenize standards (and students, of course) throughout the United States.

As parents, I believe you should be aware of this, so if you choose, you can follow this as a guideline for your teenager. In fact, you can rev up these standards by advancing your child at her own faster pace. 

However, if your teenager shows no interest in advanced math or science, choosing other courses, I think, would be beneficial.

No college is going to deny your teenager admission if she doesn't have four years of math and science, and the SAT doesn't test above geometry. 

That's right, even though the state may require four years of math, it's not necessary for your teenager to gain college admission, to pass the high stakes test, or to get a state diploma.

Instead, let's say, she has four years of a foreign language instead of two.

She's earned a certificate in computer science.

Tell me that a university won't be impressed with that kind of diversification.

A young adult who shows dedication to her own learning by creating her own strong curricula will look more impressive on a college application than someone who followed mandated state guidelines

High School Basics-Curriculum Guide

To begin creating your teenager's free curriculum, I have added links to most of these courses, which will lead you to a book or other materials that you can begin to follow; however, to fully understand some of these courses, you will need to create a complete course. These are not associated with Common Core.

English- Basically, these are labeled English 1, English 2American literature, British literature, and world literature. (I have created these pages based on my experience teaching English for 25 years.)

Mathematics – Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Probability and Statistics, Trigonometry, Calculus

Social Studies – World Geography, World History, American history, Economics, Government, Psychology, Sociology, Comparative Government, Comparative Religions.

Science – physical science, biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, astronomy, oceanography, geology and plate tectonics, anatomy and physiology.

Books for many of these subjects are available free of charge. 

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