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    Helping you create a home school curriculum, which is low-cost and tailored to your children's learning styles is the purpose of my site. With 30 years in education, my strengths lie in

  • reading comprehension strategies
  • writing and editing, 
  • literature, and an
  • educational support blog for parents of teenagers.

This site offers mostly free or economical materials that will help develop  your children's intellectual, social, emotional, and psychological strengths and builds on them to ultimately create happy, successful adults  Therefore, creating a suitable home school curriculum is only the first step. 

Choosing The Right Path For Your Children

I'm sure that decades ago teachers and school districts and state boards of education believed that the subject choices they made for their students were what they thought would be useful to them, you know, serve them/the kids best.  

Having been a teacher for many years, I remember trying to choose short stories and writing assignments that would enrich their minds. All that started to change with the advent of the testing frenzy, which frankly today looks like Crazy 101 and Psycho 102.

I feel a great deal of sympathy with the following video. The singer may be acting emotional for the sake of it, but I can't help but feel some of his loss too.  

Know Your Child's Nature? She Will Learn Better and Faster

So how do you do that? We all have natural tendencies toward certain interests. You can identify your child's multiple intelligences and nurture these strengths.  Based on this information, you and your child or children can develop and focus on subjects that will help them grow in these areas. 

Being Organized Brings Success

In some way I hate seeing videos like this because I always fall short. On the other hand, I need to see successful homeschooling families like this because they encourage me to find ways to be a bit more effective with my own family. I'd say this family is pretty solid. They have my greatest respect. 

"A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” 
                                               ― Albert Einstein

Update: Secular or Christian Home School?

This is a secular home school website, which contains numerous free links to home school books, worksheets, and writing and literature assignments.

 I am a Christian and believe that a religious education is vital. When I was in college, I joined an interdenominational group called Campus Crusade for Christ International.

They offered Bible study groups, which were very educational, and today, their website offers free online, Bible-directed studies

Additionally, I think the way the lessons are formatted will reinforce their reading comprehension. 

Home School: So My Goals For You Are To-

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While every child is unique, many of their experiences in homeschooling or in the publics are not. If you have not yet begun to homeschool or want to stay on top of the latest homeschool issues, click on the RSS button to the left. What is your situation right now?  To read one of my recent articles on Socratic thinking and the Snowden saga. 

Whatever your needs, taking control of your child's education can solve these problems for you. As a caution, however, please read this blog about my Seven Tips to Keep Your Home School Adventure hassle free.

"How Do You Begin?"- Step by Step

  • Review my grade level pages to learn the basic courses needed for your child's grade level.
  • Search for as much free material as possible. (My website has linked many of those pages.); next,
  • Buy folders, paper, and other organizing materials and create lesson plans.

Homeschooling requires a lot of thinking; fortunately, that can be done while you're driving, cooking dinner, or cleaning the pool, but you begin by building a dream of what you want for your children as they become adults.

For example, when I was younger, I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. 

As I grew older I began to think about Huck. He was independent, loved freedom, and was self-reliant, followed his own conscience, and drew his own conclusions about people in the world.

 And yes, Huck was usually happy.

If you would like to learn more about why having your own mission and vision statements are important, and use the handy mission statement template I've created

By the way, see that guy above working on his laptop at the beach?

When you home school, you can help your children discover their gifts and talents, and when that happens-

They will never work a day in their lives.

My son Jayson and I traveled with a friend last week to look for raw milk. On our way, we stopped at Punta Isabel about 18 kilometers north of where we live in La Paloma, Uruguay.

Photo taken by Diana Boles

So Who Am I? - Credentials and Experience

My name is Diana Boles, and I am a home schooler too.  I  also was a high school English teacher for 25 years. Before that, I taught at a private business school, a community college, and a university in Juarez, Mexico. I want you to feel confident that I've been there and done that.

My bachelor's is in journalism, and later I earned teaching certificates in English, Reading, and English as a Second Language. I completed 30 of 36 hours for a master's in creative writing, but never completed the program because I "couldn't find my voice," as they say in the industry.

 I also have a Master's in educational administration. I thought about going into administration, but that is a demanding job with long hours. My three sons, however, were about to become teenagers (I had my first son when I was 38.), so I decided to retire and homeschool them. 

I've always thought that teenagers need more guidance and supervision than they presently receive in our society.

So here we are together-- correcting writing, solving math problems, conducting science experiments in the kitchen, gardening in the backyard, classifying animals on our nature walks, and discussing literature while sitting at the beach. Yes, we study at the beach!

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